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Welcome to Alabama Ice Sculptures

Resembling a giant frozen diamond, a dramatic ice sculpture tells your guests that you’re a host with great taste and class.

Our professional ice carvers can create everything from a glittering ice luge, where drink are poured through the top and come out the bottom, chilled and ready to drink, to an ice bar, elaborately carved out of one solid six-foot block of ice! - hundreds of beautiful works of art, appropriate for almost any event. Needless to say, we are here to suit your needs.

Ice sculptures create a special magic, lending elegance to any gathering. Our master sculptor has nearly 20 years experience in the culinary arts and he utilizes the latest techniques and equipment in ice carving to bring his creations to life. Our finished products resemble fine crystal and have earned a well deserved reputation for being both artistic and high quality, guaranteed to be the perfect complement for any event.

At Alabama Ice Sculptures, we specialize in large, detailed pieces that are perfect for large corporate events and wedding receptions as well as smaller, more delicate pieces that enhance private parties and special occasions.